Inclusive is a quarterly magazine that caters to the curious. Each issue is a holistic exploration of one subject through the eyes of many different countries and cultures. Issue 2 explores the taboo subject of death and decomposition in The United States, Nepal, and Ghana.

My Role

Art Direction | Branding | Print | Research

Project Duration



Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator


Layout, Typography, Pattern Making







Inclusive Magazine was born out of my curiosity of different cultural traditions, rituals, celebrations, and practices around the world. How one views death, love, and tradition is unique, vastly connected to cultural upbringing and geographical location. Inclusive Magazine explores monumental subjects through the eyes of many people in many different locations. Read about birth rituals in Africa, death rituals in Ghana, space travel in Russia, and marriage ceremonies in Georgia. Drawing inspiration from my previous experience as an autopsy technician, Issue two is about Death and Decomposition.



Inclusive aims to broaden reader perspectives by sharing diverse cultural views and practices. The challenge, especially in issue two was to find a way for this interesting and sometimes unsettling content to feel approachable. 


Friendly typography, and a consistent three column grid allows the reader to easily digest the content. Each section showcases a saturated color pallet and a unique pattern inspired by the curated photography and art. The reader is fed healthy doses of interesting information, infographics, and unique visuals to stimulate their curiosities.


The Inclusive reader is typically college educated with an average age of thirty years old. In order to reach our millennial readers outside of our print publication, Inclusive started a pod cast featuring author and artist interviews and live broadcasts of rituals around the world.


The moodboard is a unique mixture of stunning photography, saturated colors, and friendly typography. The combination feels approachable, classy, and hints at our multicultural content.

Full Issue and Takeaway

This project is an expression of my experience dealing with the cultural boundaries of death. From here, I plan to furthur iron out Inclusive's online publication. Click here to check out the Inclusive website hand coded with love by yours truely. Read the full issue below.