My Role

UI/UX | Art Direction | Research |User Testing


Natassia Silva

Project Duration

6 weeks


Invision, Marvel, Sketch, Illustrator, Indesign, Paper Prototyping


User Research, Wireframing, Concepting







Hoops is a basketball app for the Apple watch that tracks users in real time play and collects data based on shot accuracy, placement on the court, and total court time. Hoops is not just a data congregating app. Once Hoops collects enough information about the user, the app is able to recommend training drills based on the user’s data. Hoops' overarching goal is to help players improve their game.


The largest challenge in developing Hoops was addressing the goals and pain points of our user. The Hoops concept was born out of extensive surveys and numerous interviews with ballers of all ages. We received an overwhelming request for a way to track progress and improve game stats.


Hoops is an Apple watch app that pairs with a basketball net sensor via blue tooth. This app tracks your placement on the court, shot accuracy, and total game time . Hoops tracks the users progress and allows the user to see where they need improvement by showing stats and data visualization. Tracking the users progress allows Hoops to recommend training drills that help the user improve their game. In this particular flow, we are showcasing how Hoops can help a single user. In the future, we will dive into how Hoops is helpful for coaches and teams.

Target Segment

Hoops' target segment are men and women between 20-35 years old who play basketball at least once a week as a sport or exercise. They are educated iPhone users who invest in new technology. The segment resides in a greater metropolitian city and is enthusiastic about basketball, possessing the fundamentals of the sport. Click here to see our more indepth personas.



We started by sending off numerous surveys to help us gauge what the goals and pain points of a basketball player are. Following the advice of our mentor Eduardo Matamoros, we did a heuristic analysis using Nielsen’s grading scale. With this process, we were able to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of apps using similar technology. We gained valuable insights and applied some of those takeaways to our app. Using our persona’s goals and pain points to guide the process, we created a storyboard that helped us to flush out the Hoops ecosystem.

Walk Through

In this flow, the user selects, “Freestyle”. In Freestyle, the user is able to set a shot goal by pressing the plus or minus signs. When the user presses, “Start” a system countdown begins and an active play state ensues. In the active play state, the user is able to swipe left to see a shot counter, total game time, a calorie count, and heart rate. The user is able to access a contextual menu by swiping right or by using force touch. Once the game is ended, a shot summary is provided. The user has the option to discard the Freestyle session. If not discarded, the session is automatically saved. 

Moving Forward

We have started to develop the Hoops app for mobile and desktop. In either of these views, the user is able to get a look at more granular data. In the coming weeks, we plan to introduce team and coach aspects of the app as well.